Happy TWO Month Birthday Moriah!

I think we will just start the tradition of posting the monthly pics 2 weeks late. I'm personally celebrating that I'm posting them at all. The word for this go round of parenting is GRACE and realistic expectations. While documenting our girls lives is important, it's way lower than living life withe them. And showering. And cooking. And going to the grocery store. And laundry. Well you get the point. So I will not forget to blog about Moriah too... it just may not be on the very day she turns a certain age (like I did when I had SO much more time with just one baby).

For you who just like pictures...

Big girl in the big chair.

These blue eyes kill me. They are so deep and so sparkly. 

Our VERY smiley and chill baby girl. 

OK, Mom, that's enough. Seriously. I'm done. 

JK. I'll give you one more. 

And for you all who like words...

Stats: Weight - 11lbs 4oz (50th percentile). Length - 23 1/4 inches (85th percentile). Head - 15 1/2 inches (84th percentile).

Development:  Best part about this month-- she started smiling so much! She loves to dish out smiles! She has several different kinds too. My top two are: #1 when she curls up just one side of the smile and winks one eye. And, my personal favorite, #2 when she smiles so big her cheeks fill up and her eyes squish up and all you see is a sliver of sparkling blue. She still doesn't love Tummy Time for much longer than a few minutes. But she's doing a good job lifting her head. And she seems to be getting great neck control when we hold her up and put her in the bumbo.

Eating:  So very thankful Moriah is such a good nurser. It was so hard with Karis that I am just amazed every day how well it's going. I always resented those moms who talked about how natural it is. I still don't feel that ooey-gooey feeling some moms talk about. But I do feel ooey-gooey about my girl regardless of nursing! She also started taking a bottle and took it really well!

Sleeping:  She's doing pretty good. And maybe she could do better, but she's a second baby and I'm just not so strict with sleep training. She takes most of her naps in my arms or the swing. The lights are usually on and a toddler big sis is usually screaming around her. And she is still swaddled for most every time she sleeps because she sleeps better with it. She's doing a 6-8 hour stretch (from feed to feed) most every night (some nights less and some more). She loves the paci (and Mommy is beyond irritated by it) and when it falls out during naps she wakes up, so I have to pop it back in a lot. We've tried every paci on the market to see if it would stay in better. Hoping she finds her thumb this month...

Favorite Things: Getting rocked to sleep by Daddy. Middle of the night feeds with Mommy. Morning snuggles with sissy in her big girl bed.  Going to church & playdates, we are finally out among the land of the living (OK, let's be honest, this is probably just Mommy's favorite). Prevacid and Malox. Bath time (you love it this month) and are completely humored by all that Karis does while y'all are bathing together.

Least Favorite Things: Reflux. Putting away all the cute newborn clothes (OK, this is probably just Mommy's least favorite thing as it could be the last time a little girl wears these clothes... and only confirms you are growing up just as fast as your sister did.). Shots, the actual shots didn't bother you but the days following the shots were rough.

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A very special thank you to my photo assistant, Miss Karis Jannette Kiser. Or as she says "KK Jan-it Kye-suh."
No joke, this was a natural shot and VERY accurate portrayal of my girls. Karis being a little miss sassy frass. And Moriah just enjoying her big sis and being my chill little monkey.  
She makes me melt 1 million times a day.
Big sis wanted to pose in the chair again. 
One last pic...
A visual example of the days being LONG and the years short. This was Karis at 2 months... 2 years and 4 months ago. 
And, in case you are curious, here is Karis' 2 month post