Have you ever...

in your entire life seen a sweeter face than this?

Of course, excluding your daughter or granddaughter or niece, ...or any of the other sweet little girls in your life. Next to all of those people, have you ever?

Well I haven't. I could just look into those blue eyes all day.
And if I'm being honest, I do. I can't get enough of her.
I can't believe that sweet little face with those eyes that smile is my daughter.
I could just burst.

Credit must be given for this fantastic piece of art. She is no stranger to you, friends.

Sarah Craig with Fish Lips Photography
has captured so much of our lives for us on film. I am so thankful that we haven't missed a moment. She has been with us at some of our most treasured moments as a family of three (maternity, delivery, newborn, valentines, and next up 6 months). And I am beyond grateful.

If you are new to my blog...
If you are long time reader of my blog...

I have to give you the update on her business.
Because it's changed and I couldn't be more excited for her! She has grown so much in demand, grown so much in her ability as a photographer and editor, but even more grown so much in her vision for this business. She has made Fish Lips Photography a truly boutique experience. You will not experience the kind of experience she has created any where else. Prices aren't what they used to be... but neither is the quality, that's a guarantee. Another guarantee is that you will not for one minute regret capturing your most treasured people in a quality way. Ever.

So go check Fish Lips out immediately at

And you can stalk her on her Twitter account HERE.
And you can watch all her sneak peaks of amazing shoots at www.fishlipsphotoblog.com.
Or you can ahead and email her at sarah@fishlipsphotography.com.