Have you seen me?

Y'all I lost my engagement and wedding band.

I'm sick over it... but even more at a total loss.

I'm not a girl that loses things. I always know where my keys are (I hang them on the hook as soon I get home). My purse sits in the same place (well, now my closet since I don't use it, but the diaper bags always sits by the door). My glasses are always tucked away in my car console (should be on my face, but that's a discussion for a different day). My phone is always on the end table or in my purse. My wallet is always in my purse/diaper bag.

And my rings, well they are either on my finger or in the ring cup in my bathroom 99.95%* of the time.
*.05% of the time they might be in some random location. But that is an odd day. Especially since I've had a baby and my fingers (much like the rest of my body) hasn't gone back to what they used to be. When my rings are on, they are stuck on. So it's not possible they just slid off like they might have before baby.

What do I know for certain?
I know I wore them Saturday. I have a picture of myself wearing them in McKinney looking at antiques. After that I'm not sure.

I've called the Bed & Breakfast I stayed at twice now. Once to have them look on their own. And again this morning so he'd look while on the phone with me. We re-traced my every step. No sign of them.

I've looked in all the usually places at home. Nothing.
I've looked in all the unusual places at home. Nothing. I even have "spring cleaned" my house this week, so there is no possible way it's anywhere in this house (like emptied closets and baskets and everything and reorganized clean).

Thankfully we have insurance on it, so I won't go with out a ring.

But I want MY ring. The original.

Because it's what I wore for the very first time on this day.

And I added it's perfect pair (my band) on this day.

And on this day it barely fit, but it was still on.

And on this day I met the little girl that would one day inherit it.

Update: I found my ring!!! I found my ring!!!!!!! Long story short... the ONLY place I hadn't looked was the outfit that I had planned to wear home Sunday that was still folded together in my closet (waiting to be worn today), it was raveled in with the necklace and the shirt. I hadn't thought that I might have put it out with my outfit. But I had. Oh what a relief!!!!!!