Have you signed it yet?

Signed what? The No Phone Zone! Please don't stop reading here.

I'm watching "No Phone Zone Day" now on today's Oprah show. Please, PLEASE, because you value your life and the lives of others read the high points from today's show:

"Fact: Texting and talking while driving IS AS DANGEROUS AS DRIVING DRUNK."

"As a 23 years old handicap I have a sign that I have on my back to tell people who stare at me now that I look this way. It says: 'I am handicap because someone was talking on his phone." I had a 10% chance of surviving and am now living with these handicaps for the rest of my life. But my parents died that day... all so a kid could have a conversation on his cell phone. ...There is nothing that could've been that important." -Jaycee Goods

"5,870 deaths are known of from last year that happened because someone was talking on the phone." (For you that may not seem like that much. But that is a lot of people, a lot of lives. If you are a Houston's First Baptist Member, that would be all of our active members dying in one year.) Note: That doesn't include injuries, just deaths. The number could be zero if we all signed this pledge.

"This is an epidemic in America. Everyone has a cell phone. Everyone things that it wouldn't happen to them. ...The safest thing you could do is buckle up and put your phone away." -Ray Lahood, Secretary of Transportation, Washington D.C.

"I hit my neighbor's son with my car while texting when pulling out of my driveway." -Matt Howard

"We can make the laws, but laws start with the people. Today we can make the change"

"I was reading a text on the way to my boyfriend's house and I ran off the road and lost control of my car and hit a tree. I was wearing my seat belt and still I suffered a tramatic brain injury and was in a coma for 3 1/2 weeks. ...The conversation can wait. Don't risk your life for it."-Bronte

"Rodney was so full of life. On Oct 17, 2008 he left the house and I never saw him again. He crashed his car reaching for his phone and was killed instantly. My son is no longer alive all because of distracted driving. We talk on our phones because it is just something to do. We don't realize what could happen."-Rodney Thompson's Mom

"I found my daughter in the grass next to her pick up. She had been texting while driving. We don't want to see parents having to bury their children. It's just madness."- Mom to Alex. Oprah's response: "It really is madness. It's the most selfish thing we could do to take other's lives in our hands when we choose to pick up the phone. These senseless accidents don't have to happen."

"How many more have to die before we take a stand? It could happen to you. When you know better you have to do better." - Oprah

"I'm just asking you to please change your habit." -Mom of two-year-old who died because of a distracted driver

What can you do?
1. Sign the pledge (see below)
2. Tell others
3. Get creative! If you are a teacher give your kids extra credit for signing it. If you own a company give incentives to your employees for signing it. What else could you do?
4. Check out Focus Driven HERE (Advocates for Cell-Free Driving).

I can personally say that Chris and I committed to this a couple of months ago. I ain't gonna lie, it has been an adjustment. There have been so many times I've reached for it out of habit. Talking on the phone is just what I did to connect with people... and often times pass the time. Now, I just return any calls or texts before I head off some where or once I get there. Bottom-line: I've realized it's not worth my life, Karis' life or the lives of those around me to answer that call or text.

Will you sign the pledge? Go HERE to check it out.