He calls me daughter

Those words sound so strange to me yet it's what I've been learning to call God lately. 

For too long I've rested in the strength of Him as Lord and the grace of Him as Savior. All while shying away from the tenderness of Him as Father. Over the past few months I've journeyed into his lap. As strange as it sounds I truly envision myself riding on His shoulders and curling up into His lap to tell Him about my day. 

I'm learning to be His daughter, not just His follower. 

Much of this year's Sacred Holidays Advent study is about this journey. At times my flesh fought this direction because it didn't seem Christmas-y enough. Such a lie. Isn't that just like our enemy, satan, to try to entice us away from the truth? My ears were inclined to his whispers that people would want more jingle bells and merriness. Lie again. Such grace our Daddy has that He guided me to Him through struggle. He called me to Him, His lap that is always open. My hope is that He will do the same for many others. 

Most days when I sit down to journal I start it talking to my Daddy. I'm still getting used to it (as you can see below).

Chris has been encouraging me to ask God what He thinks of me. This has been so perfectly timed as I'm seeing Him as Daddy, for probably the first time ever. This past week Chris also challenged me to stop believing lies about myself but to embrace what is true. 

So I've been asking Him, my Daddy, to show me what is true about me, His daughter. This time each day has been sweet, needed, vulnerable, uncomfortable, healing, beautiful, emotional, tender, and joyful. 

I share this because maybe today someone needs to hear that He loves you as a Father should love His daughter. Regardless of your experience with your earthly father, good or bad, know your heavenly Father is perfect. His lap is always open. His ear is always inclined and waiting to hear what you have to say. His shoulders are open and ready for a wild ride. He delights in you.


For Karis' birthday we got her a CD player and some CDs. Clever mommy got her some "Big Girl CDs" (Hillsong Kids and Jamie Grace plus a few of Mommy's favorite singers, because I can only handle so much kid music.) One of Karis' favorite songs has become my recent anthem, and I hope you adopt it too (it will actually be the theme song for the Sacred Holidays Lent study): 

Lyrics to He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli

Spent today in a conversation, In the mirror face to face with somebody less than perfect, I wouldn't choose me first if I was looking for a champion In fact I'd understand if You picked everyone before me But that's just not my story. True to who You are, You saw my heart and made Something out of nothing

I don't need my name in lights. I'm famous in my Father's eyes. Make no mistake He knows my name. I'm not living for applause. I'm already so adored. It's all His stage. He knows my name oh, oh,He knows my name oh, oh

I'm not meant to just stay quiet. I'm meant to be a lion. I'll roar beyond a song With every moment that I've got. True to who You are You saw my heart and made Something out of nothing

He calls me chosen, free forgiven, wanted, child of the King, His forever, held in treasure...
I am loved.