He Likes Big Women

On Tuesday night we headed over to the Skaggs house to have an election viewing party. Only Joel and Chris would have separately planned to watch the election night. And only them would be giddy over the idea to instead get together and watch it. News reports were going on the TV screen, the MacBook, iPhones and the iPad. Thankfully Emily and I had each other. And of course there were the kids too.

Speaking of kids, two of them noticed each other for the first time:

Kyle Ranen Skaggs + Karis Jannette Karis =
I'll let you decide...

He spots her for the first time.

I promise you we did nothing to make this happen.

Well that's a half lie. We did put his arm out and nuzzled her in it. We thought it was funny to see him cuddle such a big girl. But we did not force the kiss.

Please tell me you are laughing. Please.

Calm down Kyle. Both dads and moms are watching.

Karis might have liked it though...

Then we decided it would be funnier for the big girl to cuddle the little guy. Kyle was a little shocked by how aggressive she was. She gets that from her Daddy. ;)

Again, I swear we didn't manipulate this. They honest to God started holding hands. Interlocking at that!

They are just friends right now. They don't have an option.
But I think we are going to have to keep more distance between them in the future.

But maybe it had nothing to do with Karis and everything to do with her sweetness.
He might have just been hungry the whole time.

What do you think? Love or hunger?