Help us choose!

The major dilemma of the day (please read sarcastically) is....

What car seat should we go with?

First, can I just say that I have NO CLUE what people did before Etsy (Karis, just amened that because she gave me a giant kick).

If you don't know what I am talking about follow two steps VERY carefully:
1. Go hide your wallet. I mean really hide it. Like far far from reach. Not that the prices are outrageous, there are tons of great deals.
2. Go immediately to It will radically change your life.

One of our main frustrations that we are really going to have to get over is that kids stuff can be so tacky looking. Car seats are actually not even that bad. But the toys? Can they make slip covers for swings, bouncies, play mats, etc. We are trying to embrace that our house isn't going to be nice and coordinated for the next decade or so, and that's OK, she's totally worth it.

My sister-in-law, Katie, has showed me that you just don't have to settle for what you get, you can always spruce it up. Plus, by adding a cover, it makes it REALLY easy to keep things clean!

These are our Top Three Picks: Which one should we go with?

*This one also comes with the choice of two of the three following colors for the bottom: light pink, chocolate brown or cream. Also, the flower that is below can be added to this one too.

*this one also comes with three bottom colors: cream, chocolate brown or light pink.

*While it's not pictured, this same design that is on this toddler seat, comes for an infant carrier as well. The canopy fabric would be the floral design that is on the edges. Note: the only thing we dislike about this one is it's not the plush fabric on the bottom. But does that really make a difference?

Please, please, please VOTE NOW! Comment below!