Hi there!

It's been a long time since I've been able to be consistent on this blog. So many good reasons. So many lame reasons. But I'm back.

So many fun things to share with you. So many posts in draft form. From topics of what I'm doing now (Coaching with Orbiting Normal), a fun movie giveaway, a series on post partum depression, a how to on my photo collage wall and more!

And maybe, just maybe, we will get Chris Kiser to share some on this blog (he is my very favorite write of all... and how he totally stole my heart).

In the mean time if you haven't seen some of the posts I've written over at Houston Mom's Blog, click these things below to continue procrastinating... I mean... wait... ummm... working, yeah working. You can click here to view all my posts or click on each one individually below:

SOS Becky:: May Edition

This is a really fun new series on the HMB blog-- think Dear Abby... but I'm Abby. Here is the intro post to SOS Becky if you want to know more about it.

Summer Bucket List

There are many Houston specific things on here, but many things could be done any where. I've had several out of town friends tell me they are using it as a starting place to research things in their town (some even found that they had places or things to do they didn't even know about!). Also, this list is great even if you don't have kids or your kids are grown and gone!

Dear Mom, you got this!

This might be one of my favorite posts I've ever written. It had me in tears. Clearly I needed to write it so that I could read it.

Gardening with your Kiddos

This has been so fun. And gardening can, clearly, be done with our without kiddos. And it's not too late to garden even though summer is in full swing! Green beans are easy and been so fun for our fam! We pick about 20 every day. My kids, yes kids, LOVE snacking on raw green beans now that they can pull them off the plant and pop them in their mouth.

How I became a mother

God is too good. Too good. I'm so grateful for this story.


Noonday Style for Justice Update: 

Bottom-line: I didn't win it.

A little more detail: I didn't win, but man was that fun! For those of you that voted and shared and voted more and shared more... I could not be more touched. I didn't even realize this would be an opportunity to feel so loved, but I sure did. I've loved you all asking. I've loved you that voted one time. And I loved you that literally campaigned for me. It was a serious competition and I was simply out voted. Which I had a very good idea would happen... didn't help that I forgot to vote for myself most of the days, much less remind others. Ha! But I knew if God wanted me there He could multiple my efforts and my votes like he did the fish and the bread. And He chose not to and I'm really and truly just fine with that.