Hi. I'm a horrible blogger.

Turns out when you start writing, not just blogging, you become a horrible blogger. I'm so sorry. And I don't intend to stay this way. I really mean that. Writing this Advent Devotional has been the wildest ride. I'm so glad I said yes to God before I knew what all I'd said yes to. Seriously. I've hit the part where the writing is done and now all of a sudden I'm a CEO, an editor, a finance/budgeter (see I'm so in over my head) and then there's all those administrative details. Poor Chris, how many emails has he been forwarded with the subject saying: "Please will you read the fine print for me so I don't mess all of this up?"

It's been a ride. One I'm so grateful I'm on. But totally terrifying. And exciting. All at the same time.

So many fun things to tell you, but I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Many announcements coming your way very soon. 

But for now I sleep. But I fall asleep thinking of you. And so grateful for you all and how you've supported me and this blog over the years. You've encouraged and believed in my writing even though I don't know the difference between a semicolon or a comma. You put up with all my fragments. And you've loved me anyway. I'm so very grateful you share your time with me each day... or once a month, since that's all I seem to be able to blog these days. Wink.

Much love sweet friends! Love and total giddiness to share all the fun things with you soon!!!