High School Reunion is this Weekend

This week is my ten year high school reunion. I graduated from high school 10 years (and 5 months) ago. It seems like ages ago that I was in high school.

I changed so much while I was in high school. But I've changed even more since. So I'm really looking forward to seeing all my old friends (and many current friends) and seeing how much they've changed too. We were a class of just 56 (gotta love private school) and were super close. So this wont' be one of those awkward reunions with little cliques all over the place. We definitely all had our friend groups, but we were a unit.

While I was pulling our baby pictures from our wedding slide show for the last post, I pulled some of my high school pictures too.

So let me introduce you to Becky Smith (that was my maiden name), 1995 -2000:

My Senior Portrait. (Sarah Craig, I was wearing lipstick. Gasp!)

You've heard me speak here and there about my health issues. I started having symptoms October of my senior year. This was a picture of me after my first surgery. I had 8 surgeries that year (yes, I spent the majority of my senior year on Vicadin). In the picture is one of my best friends, Casey Bourland, she had surgery on her foot (obviously) the week before. Instead of flowers or balloons, she brought me a giant thing of ranch dressing. Now that's a real friend.

The reason why I said I changed a lot in high school was because the summer between sophomore and junior year I became a Christian. My life changed completely. There are a lot of things I wish I could've done differently during that transition. I wish I would've been less legalistic. I wish I would've been less judgmental. I wish I would've stayed close to those that were my friends before I was a Christian. But I was 16 years old. I'm so thankful that the Lord changed my desires from popularity and dating and all that, to just simply wanting to be in a giant field with Him.

I played volleyball my freshmen through junior year. I felt like the Lord lead me not to play my senior year. 2 months after that decision I got sick (He knows the plans...). I wasn't very good, but I wasn't bad either. With my height you know I was the spiker on the team. Totally kidding! I was a setter. And I loved it.

This picture is with my big bro, Nils. He was my hero then. And he's my hero still to this day. Next to my husband, there's no greater man on the face of this earth.

One fabulous thing about our school (Houston Christian High School) is all the trips we were able to take. This was a picture of me on our choir trip in either Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Oh how I loved this trip. I could live in Austria for the rest of my life and be just fine.

3 Generations. Thought I'd showcase my lovely uniform. I'm actually one of the strange ones that like wearing uniforms every day. It was nice not to have to figure out what to wear every day. And it saved my parents a fortune!

By the way, can I just point out that my 5 foot 4 inch self looks so tall in this picture. Thank goodness my dad is 6' 7" or else I would've been even shorter with the genes of those two ladies (my mom and Grandma).

Go Stangs! My freshmen year I got into the team spirit. That was the last year I did that. I look like such a baby there. Don't you love the acne on the chin? Oh the hormones! Who am I kidding I still have acne. Ugh.

Zip line in Costa Rica during our senior trip. This was A-MA-ZING! Costa Rica was so beautiful. We went from coast to coast, experiencing the finest it had to offer-- volcanoes, rain forest, beaches, hot springs and lots of yummy food.

High School can't be talked about without me mentioning a family that changed me forever-- the Smith Family. Particularly their daughter Samantha. She had a disease that took away all her ability to function (couldn't see, move... no brain waves). Her momma, Tina, was the pianist for our choir and they needed someone to watch her on the days she came to choir. Thankfully I was able to be her designated baby sitter every time (I'll pretend it had nothing to do with Mrs. Crenshaw thinking I had a bad voice. Yes I'll tell myself that.). Holding her was like looking into the face of God. It was transforming. Knowing that family taught me so much I would need to start a whole blog just to share. She passed away on Valentine's Day of my freshmen year of college. I still think about her often. And pray for families that are blessed to have a "special" child too-- they are the greatest gifts of all.

You can get my autograph later, because little did you know I was a princess. Homecoming Princess. Basically it's a nice way of saying: I was the runner up. This was actually a really sweet gift from the Lord. I was crowned Princess the week before I got sick. Such a great way to feel loved on by the whole school.

So what about you,
what was one of your favorite memories from high school?
Or if you could change one thing what would it be?
(I'll answer in the comments.)