How are YOU?

I mean it. I so want to know how YOU are doing. 
I know it sounds weird but I've missed you lately. Is that weird?

Life has been crazy lately around here.
A lot of busyness.
A lot of hard things I'm processing through.
A lot of learning.
A lot of unexpecteds. 
A lot of growing.
A lot

I'm sorry I've been so absent PERSONALLY on the blog lately.
I know we've had a lot of Book Club posts, but know those really won't take over the blog.
I have been dealing with several things in my life lately and for now, those things just need to stay private. I don't mean to peak curiosity. But I think we can all agree there are boundaries of what should be shared on the world wide web.

But I want to hear what's going on in YOUR life. 
What YOU are learning.
What YOU are going through.

So head over to the comments and let me hear from you.
I'll hop over there too and share something about what I'm learning.

Love you.