I've had many family members tell me they are really confused on how to post a comment, so I thought I'd do a little tutorial for them and any other friends/stalkers out there who are ready to come out of hiding. :)

At the end of every post you will see my signature (giant Becky), just under that you'll see something that looks like this: "Posted by Becky Kiser at 6:36PM 2 comments"

1. Click on the word "comment." Then the Comment Box should pop up.

2. Scroll down to the box underneath the comments-- it says "Leave your comment."

3. Click in the box and write your message.

4. Choose an identity:
-If you have you have google account: the first one lets you sign in.

-If you don't have a google account, click "anonymous." *However if you do this, I won't be able to know who posted the comment. So be sure to sign your name in the comment box after your comment. *


6. You are done! You have officially learned how to leave a comment. Which means you have made me happy.

NOTE: I always publish all comments, even if they aren't the most encouraging for me or agree with what I've posted. The only comments I do not publish are ones that are inappropriate, vulgar or if they are mocking/condescending to someone else that has already posted a comment. I believe everyone should have freedom to share their mind on this blog and want you to! :)