I got lucky!

Or for you Christians who really can't handle that word... I got blessed! :)

Exactly two years ago today Chris and I had our first kiss!

It was a Saturday and like most weekends we found ourselves at Hermann Park walking around the Japanese Gardens (btw: if you are in Houston and haven't been out there, it's a must). We had walked around the gardens already once. I had an idea that something might be about to happen, he was acting a little different than usual (after more than 4 months of dating we were past the awkward moment stage). He lead me up to a bench on the top of a mountain over looking the waterfall and pond, tucked away on a tree path. We sat on the bench and he kissed me on the forehead then on each cheek and then... he kissed me! It was beautiful. Definite butterfly moment.

We went back to that same park for our engagement pictures, here are a few on that bench:

That was exactly two years ago and even after more than a year of marraige I still love kissing my man!