I guess I should tell you about the Advent Study

I've learned that it's very challenging {for me at least} to be a good blogger and a good Bible study writer. Hopefully I'll get better at it because I sure do love this space and you all. I love the way that we get to quickly interact with one another. I love getting to chat with you in the comments and re-shares on social media.

So please forgive me for being so inconsistent here. Now that baby girl is sleeping a bit more, maybe I can stream together some coherent thoughts on here too. {wink.} 

I realized this morning that I have been sharing all about the Sacred Holidays 2015 Advent Study + Extras all over social media, but not even once here {other than the link on my sidebar}. So let me introduce you to these beauties: 

This image makes me squeal with all kinds of giddy feeling and sob tears of great gratitude and unworthiness (is that a word? probably not). 

I should have an easier time introducing you all to this. However, you know when you are introducing someone really special to someone really awesome, you want to do them both justice? You want to make sure the one knows how awesome the other really is, and vice versa. That's kind of how I feel about this. As a former public relations gal, I know I should have my "elevator pitch" ready. I should be able to quickly tell you about this. Yet, I can't. 

For those of you pressed on time, I'll share this with you: 

I wanted to say thank you to you all who have supported me for so long. Whether you are new to this blog or been around since before Chris and I were even married, you are like friends. We know A LOT about each other even if our connection is just technically virtual. What we have is bigger than the world wide web. 

You can click on the image or here to preview and purchase the products

For those that are a little more curious, here's a little bit about the study. 

What is the study about?

Quick answer? It's the journey I've been on with the Lord the past year. Learning to trust and know Him as Daddy. To believe that He is enough for me. That I am enough for Him. That He can use me, yes, even messed up me. 

A common theme for Advent is light. We light advent candles to remind us of "The Light of the World" that is coming. As we understand light in the Bible we will also be looking at God as our Father and the gift(s) He gives us to live out our purpose. 

Week One: Our God is Able, Week Two: God is with Us, Week Three: Unlikely & Enough, and Week Four: Use Your Gift. 

Through this study we will learn to see God as our Father, our Daddy. Daddy wounds will be healed as we learn to be daughters. We will see that our Good Father is so able to do what He wants to do in and through us. We will learn to see Him, no longer feeling like He is invisible.  We will be empowered to conqueror because we are not alone. We will identify how God wants to use us, and that we are enough just as we are. Finally we will figure out what He has uniquely gifted us and how we can live that out today, in our every day lives. 

I know it doesn't sound super Christmas-y, but it is. The Christmas story is woven all throughout this study. 

There are also a Teen Advent Devo + several Extras to add to the study this year: 

Teen Advent Devo by Hannah Stovall

Extras for Families by Kirby Apel

Extras for Individuals & Small Groups by Lauren Gilland

Digital Prints by Lauren Brod with Tone & State


Who is it for? 

Hopefully, you. Only you can answer that. Ask God what would be best for you this Advent. I hope this is it, but only the Lord can show you. I've been praying for all that would take this study and asking the Lord to draw them here. Those that need this message, that God would bring you to the Sacred Holidays shop some how and that it would be just what you need. 

Technically who is it for? We have had all genders, denominations and religions, and ages participate in the past. However, the audience I have in mind as I'm writing are women ages 18 and up. Women that have loved Jesus their whole life or just starting to be curious about Him. The 19 year old in college, desperate to see what's next with her life. The 24 year old trying to figuring out this grown up world of bills and jobs and friends. The 28 year old that is having a blast but still single, still without children, and desperate for that to change soon. The 31 year old that is married but uncertain if things will ever get better. The 35 year old that is overwhelmed by her career and stuck in survival mode. The 42 year old that is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. The 47 year old that has done Christmas the same way for years and is ready for a fresh connection with Jesus. The 54 year old that is overwhelmed and loving life at the same time. The 59 year old that regrets how life has turned out and is curious if it's too late to change, to grow, to be something. The 63 year old that just received the dreaded phone call that has changed everything. The 68 year old that that is eager to still learn new things, to be open to God healing and correcting and directing.

Age and life stage doesn't disqualify here. All are welcome. All are loved.


What is Advent? Is it just for Catholics? 

This is one of my most common questions. Yes, many/most Catholics, or other more liturgical denominations, regularly practice Advent during Christmas. However, in recently years, Advent has been (re)introduced to all Christians. As we become overwhelmed by the chaos of Christmas, we realize we want more Jesus. Often times we get so wrapped up in the magic of Christmas that we skip out on Jesus. We can start fresh at the first of the year. Don't do that this year. Don't miss Him, don't deprive yourself of what and who is best. He is Christmas. Celebrate Him. You can still have the cookies, believe in Santa, decorate your Christmas tree, blast Christmas carols, and make your Christmas wish list. Just add to that reflection, scripture, candles and a heart focused on the coming Christ! 


I'm not a Christian but I love Christmas. Should I do this? 

Totally your call. I would love for you to do this! In fact, we would love to cover the cost for you. Use promo code: HELPMEBELIEVE at check out to get the digital version of the study for FREE!.


If this sounds like something you would like to do, then shop away, dear friends and don't forget to use the promo code BECKY20 to get 20% off.