I Heart My Girlfriends

This past weekend I retreated with 27 of my favorite ladies-- the ladies of our Sunday School class, Veritas.

I have to tell you it was more than I expected.

I expected to laugh a ton, and I did till I cried.
I expected to eat a lot, and I did (and I did not weigh myself when I got back).
I expected to grow spiritually, and boy did the Lord show me some things!

But I didn't expect the walls that would come down between us girls.

I have always consider our class a rare thing.

I've been to several married's classes and it's hard to break in. It seems like so many people put on the the happily-ever-after face and never break the surface. That just hasn't been our experience with Veritas. The people have always been so real.

But even with a group this genuine, with the ladies there were still walls and divisions among us. Not Great Wall of China size, but that tiny electric fence you put up to keep your dog from leaving.

Our speaker, Tammie Head, spoke on how it is our own insecurities that keep us from healthy relationships with women. That in our insecurity we judge them. She shared how she allowed this to keep her from deep relationship with women for years.

I felt myself so relate to this.

I have such trust issues with people. Don't get me wrong, I can be anyone's friend. Anyone. But for someone to really get to know me, for me to let them... well that just doesn't happen very often. I was so convicted by Tammie that is a stronghold in my life, a direct reflection of my own insecurity.

The last hour of the retreat was share time-- for us to share what the Lord has spoken to us most. Lady after lady in our class went around and shared how desperately she wants closer girlfriends and that she wants it to be with the women in the room.

We were all in tears and all of us laughed because we realized we all had come away with the same thing-- we wanted to be friends, real friends, girl friends.

Question: How do you view other women?
Do you tend to judge them or give them the benefit of the doubt?

If you want to check my girl friends out, lots of them have blogs and you'll find the links on my side bar: "Veritas: Our Bible Study."