I hope it becomes something awesome

Because if it doesn't, I might lose it. Kidding. Sort of. 

My girls are intense. Not like intense in the way that every mom feels like they have a strong-willed child. Intense in that total strangers comment on it. Close friends and family find it hilarious to watch (because they know we will still love them even though they laugh at us). 

The intensity drives me crazy. 

I also love it and desperately hope I don't smother it out of them in an effort to discipline. 

Today I was nursing Chandler in a corner at our local children's museum when I snapped this sweet picture of Moriah (2 1/2) adoring the fish with a big boy. (Aren't those little feet on tip toes so precious?)

Not but two seconds after I snapped this cuteness she pushed this boy, who happens to be at least a foot and a half taller than her, all the way over. Some might say it was because he was a longhorn fan, to which I would say gig'em. However, Moriah said it was because he was looking at "her fish." She literally took him down. There was correction, a consequence, tears and an apology. 

As many times as I cringe over the intensity, I boast in it too. 

As fiercely as they fight with one another and others, they fight for one another and others. 

These girls will stand up for what (they believe) is right. They will stand up for those they love. They have your back and take their job as big sisters quite seriously. 

So there are times I really think I'm might lose my mind as we try different approaches to discipline. I get frustrated that just as soon as I feel like we start smooth sailing with one, the other goes insane on us. I feel certain we will be figuring out this parenting gig until the end of time. That is probably good because it keeps this mama whispering desperate pleas and prayers to the Only One who can make their future awesome. 

I trust that the very same God that created them and knows each of their days, also knows this day. He knows the purpose of it. He knows what they will become. I feel like it must be world changers. I pray so. I pray that whether it's the entire world or just their world is forever changed in the best way because of the impact they are certain to make on it. 

And it makes me wonder about myself. Am I fighting as fiercely? Have I lost my intensity at all? Have I become too filtered? Too P.C.? Too Christian-y (which is different that being a Christian)? 

Let's fight fiercely today. Let's be intense. Let's have each other's backs.