I Love Y'all

One of the best parts about marriage is knowing someone like no one else does. Some of my favorite things about Chris are the things that I only know.

Today I want to share one of those moments because I don't want to ever forget it.

Chris is a really good sleeper. It amazes me. As soon as he lays his head on the pillow he falls asleep. Both of us love cuddling, but when it comes time for sleep, we each roll over to "our sides." The other thing you should know is that sometimes he talks as he is falling asleep. It's not a part of his dream, its usually real ramblings. You never know what you are going to get.

But the other night he rolled over to his side, and a few minutes later rolled back to me and put one arm around me and another on my tummy and said, "I love y'all." Then rolled back over.

My heart literally stopped beating. Because I knew that he meant it so genuinely because he was asleep. This wasn't him saying what he should or even saying what he knew... but he was saying exactly how he felt in that moment. Then it got even sweeter because within that hour he said it another two times. He had absolutely no recollection of it the next morning.

It's a moment I hope to never forget.

So that is how our perfect weekend kicked off.

Chris and I blocked off the past three weekends to be: Just Us Weekends. We wanted to make the most of our last weekends together just the two of us.

On Friday we went to one of our favorite spots- Pappasitos and devoured their fajitas and table side guacamole. Then we came home and smelt gas in our house and thought we should call the gas company just in case. Well they said to get out of the house immediately and wait in front of the house. The guy showed up in less than 30 minutes and there was a small leak behind our stove. He had it fixed in no time and we were back to date night. Then Saturday we slept in and had fabulous cuddle time. And then I did the impossible-- I convinced Chris to be totally spontaneous. We headed down to Galveston for the day. He wasn't totally jazzed about the idea of taking his wife (whose a week away from her due date!) down to Galveston. But I was craving some Fisherman's Wharf seafood basket all week long (thanks to Amanda, Debra and Lindsey for sharing about their girls weekend) and some sand between my toes. It was fabulous. The food was exactly what I wanted. And the beach was even better.

Chris hadn't ever been to the beach at Galveston before and was a bit negative about going to the "muddy water" (his words not mine). But I think I am slowly converting him over. I know it's not crystal blue water and white soft sand. But its what we have and I chose to make the most of it. Karis and our other kids will grow up loving it just as I did as a little girl.

With all that said, can you believe that I only have SIX MORE DAYS till my due date?!

Well it's true. Good news is that I started having contractions again yesterday (reason why I'm posting this at 5am). So maybe, just maybe, things will start progressing again. Go back to the OB Monday at 11am, so we will see if things are progressing after all.

Like I've said before, stay tuned to the blog for updates. :)