I missed just us!

I feel like it has been forever since it's been just us. Don't get me wrong, because I loved and learned so much from all the amazing guest posts on relationships. But I missed just us. 

It may sound strange, but it's like when family comes to visit. You are so excited before they come, love (most) every minute they are here, but the moment they are gone you think or say, "It was great to have them but great they left." 

Things have been really crazy the past couple of weeks in the Kiser house. I have spent the better part of a week and a half on the couch with what my doc said was a hybrid of the Flu and Bronchitis, but was actually neither just all the same symptoms. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so Chris knows it's bad when I can't pull myself off the couch. I hate being sick. Hate it. I'm such an extravert that being sick feels like being put in timeout. Seriously, you know you are an extravert when you feel rejuvenated by going to the doctor's office. Sad sad times. Well now Karis has caught it. Not as severe, but when we picked her up from the nursery Sunday (sorry to all the parents in her room), they said she went from normal runny nose to feeling absolutely horrible. 

OK, done being a Debbie Downer and sharing all our ailments. But I wanted you to know why I've been away so much the past couple of weeks. 

With all the make up chores I have to do and with Karis still sick, writing some thought filled blogs for this blog, just probably isn't going to happen this week. But I will direct your attention to a couple of guest posts I've done this past month:

"How are you?" with CBC Online  (March 2012)
"Sex Isn't Like the Movies" with CWives (March 2012)

So, what's been going on with you? Do you have a blog? What's been your favorite blog post you've written lately? Put the link in the comments. It's the best way for us to "meet" each other.