I Need Your Brains

Ladies and Gentlemen, I need your help!

This fall I will be starting a new series in Oxygen, the Sunday Bible Study I teach. The series will be "Been There, Done That: A Search for Mentors for Today from the Women of The Word."

Our class is geared towards women ages 20 - 45 and if there is one common thread among women of this age group its their desire to learn from other women. We seem to all want to be mentored. Many of us having never had a godly mom or simply just wanting to go deeper and live life with more intention. So this fall we are going to learn from the women those MUCH older than us... thousands of years older!

This is where I need your help:

Will you list the women from The Word that you would really like to learn more about or have previously studied and got a ton out of their life?

Obviously you don't all come to Oxygen, but I so love to hear your thoughts on women you'd like to study or have studied in the past and learned a lot (from both their triumphs and "failures"). I'm putting together an exhaustive list right now of all the women in The Word I can think of... so your help on this will be MUCH appreciated!

Also, coming this fall I will start posting the notes from my lessons on the blog (and my website: launching this fall too) so you can learn right along with us and hopefully we'll be able to post the audio from the lessons as well.