i NEVER thought i'd say this

I’ve lost too much weight and need to gain a few pounds.

No you didn’t read that wrong. I had my “final” dress fitting today. Since I purchased the dress I have lost 20 pounds. So my last fitting we had to take in like half the dress! So all the alterations were done and I had my final fitting to day. It is a “special” time of the month (if you know what I mean) so I was a little nervous about my newly altered dress being a bit too snug. We got it all on and guess what? It was too big!!

The last time I had a dress fitting the lady asked me, “Do you want to lose a few more pounds?” Of course I exclaimed, “Why yes!” She said she’d take it in to allow me to lose 5 more pounds. Done. I did it. She must have not known that as a Smith my basic weight problem is the constant pregnant looking tummy (even when I was a size 2 in high school I still had my Smith pouch). So when I lost another 5 lbs it was all in the middle.

We had a problem. A BIG PROBLEM (no pun intended).

I’ve been a little emotional lately. Apparently, a new job, a wedding in 10 days and a friendly monthly visitor will do that to you. So I’m about to lose it on this poor alteration lady. But then…

Bless that sweet lady’s heart she said the most wonderful thing: “I’ll go ahead and do this by hand. I’ll have it ready for you next Wednesday. YOU CAN NOT LOSE ANY MORE WEIGHT. IF ANYTHING, GAIN A FEW POUNDS SO THE DRESS IS SNUGGER.”

What? Can you just repeat that because I feel certain that is the last time I’ll ever hear those glorious words. I’ve lost too much weight. I’m going to enjoy some of this left over Hall… I mean, First Fest candy now. J