I should've been an eye doctor

But I would've never wanted to go to school that long. Let's be honest.

I am about to share a theory of mine that has been proven correct twice now. Note there was no official scientific study done, just my general observations (or some might call them ignoramous observations).

I first was prescribed glasses/contact in high school, the year 2000 to be specific (I was a senior). I hated it. Contacts were such a pain, I hated wearing them. And glasses, well my eye lashes always touched the lenses and this was before they were a cool accessory. My eye sight was never super bad, just distances are fuzzy and night time (especially driving) too glare-y. So after a couple of months of wearing them, I stopped.

The second time I  went was in 2002. No changes in vision. Changed to some cuter frames (they were starting to become an acceptable, even trendy accessory) and got some contacts just because they were recommended.

But then I developed a theory: 

Those who wore glasses / contacts constantly had to get a new prescription when they went to the doctor. I thought it was because their eyes got lazy and never worked to stay strong. (Just like those who take meds, always have to up the dosage for effectiveness). 

So I decided, I wouldn't wear glasses or contacts and see what happened.

The third time I went to the doctor in 2005, guess what? My vision had improved some. Still not back to my original 20/15 I had all growing up, but better. So I got some contacts and another cute pair of glasses for when needed. (This was my final expense when still on the parent's pay roll.)

Well then my dad borrowed my glasses (same Rx) and lost them. Since I was now on my own, I had no glasses and no incentive to buy new ones because of my previous theory.

That was the last time I went to the eye doctor. Y'all it had been 7 years. So I decided it was time.

So I went to the eye doctor for the fourth time just yesterday. And guess what? My eye sight slightly improved again! In fact the doctor said, I shouldn't even bother with contacts. Some glasses would be fine to help when I needed (distances, night, etc.).

Y'all many of my friends have laughed at my theory for years. Even in recent years I've laughed at the absurdity of it. But I'm kinda wondering if I'm on to something. What do you think?