I Was Dog the Bounty Hunter

So one thing that is for sure true about pregnancy is the crazy dreams! Every night it's something interesting. Last night was no exception.

In the dream I was at home by myself during the day. (In real life I've become a bit more anxious being home during the day because the house next door was broken into during the day.)

So I'm at home by myself and all of a sudden someone just opens my front door and walks in. He had three guys behind him and I knew they were here to rob me and maybe harm me.

So I leap off the couch and ran to the bathroom. I tried to scream for help but couldn't get anything out.

Then it switched from scary to...

That's right: Dog the Bounty Hunter.

All of a sudden I ask myself: "What would Dog do?"

So I climb out the window and run down the street where my family is, naturally, waiting with Tahoes to whisk me away.

Then all of a sudden we are on a hunt, a bounty hunt, for those bad guys that came into my house. We found them at 59 Diner.

That's all. Weird huh? Now I want a cheeseburger and chocolate shake. Yum.

By the way, I totally blame my brother for my addiction and fascination with Dog. He totally got me hooked to the show. Don't judge me.