I WON: Guadiest Gal!!

Last night our church had a really fun night for the ladies-- Gaudy with Grace. To make it even more fun they offered a $100 gift card to the "Gaudiest Lady" there.

One of my favorite things about college was dressing up for all the themed parties. So when I heard this I jumped on it!

Plus I figured 9 months pregnant and running the risk of going into labor at any moment, that had to earn me some extra points with the judges.

So here is your sneak peak at what I looked like last night:

(Sorry it's blurry, I only had my iPhone. If someone sends me a better pic, I'll post if or you.)

I raided my closet for anything stretchy and tacky (if combined). I journeyed down to my neighbor's house and she had this gem of a fur wrap she said I had to wear! I wore every piece of jewelry that I own. I caked on makeup as intense as I could. I teased my hair and used half a bottle of hairspray. And I topped it off with 3 inch heels (not an easy thing to do at this stage in pregnancy).

Guess what? I WON!!!

It was funny though, because when Carolyn (our women's director) called me up to the stage to get my prize and show off my outfit, I couldn't fit through all the tables, my tummy was too big and I got stuck. It was hilarious. But I finally made it up.

Chris hadn't seen me yet and was over at the men's event on the other side of the church. I couldn't wait to show him my get up. So me and my girlfriends all rushed over to our men after. He died! He couldn't have been more proud of me!

Now we are in debates of if the money should be spent on something practical (there is lots of those expenses these days) or something impractical (like date night at the Melting Pot). I'll let you guess who is voting for each. :)

So what do you think we should do-- practical or impractical?