If you don't know my brother, let me introduce you

When I look back on my life there are few people that I can say have literally forever shaped and changed who I am. Without question, Nils is in my top two.

Like most siblings we bickered when we were younger. OK we bickered when we were older too. But it's only because he smacks and slurps his cereal and I just couldn’t handle it first thing in the morning. I still don’t eat breakfast because I was so traumatized. I’m half kidding.

Coming from a divorced family since I was a baby and he was a toddler, we have always been each other’s only constant. We might have lived out of a suitcase growing up, but Nils was always there.

I can remember before I was ready to surrender my life to Jesus, Nils was Jesus to me-- hands and feet Jesus. I'm not saying he was my God. But he was sent by God to show me what true love and grace and hope and faith really was. Without judgment. Without condemnation. Full of grace.

You see my brother is one of the most genuine people I know.

What you see is what you get. You’d have to be a lunatic to see anything but one of the greatest guys you’ll ever know.

Even though my brother is a private man, he has allowed the Lord to open up his life and shape hundreds, maybe even thousands of lives all before the age of 30.

Today I am beyond excited to see what the future holds for my brother.

I know you might think I’m biased, but I really believe that he is one of those people.

You know those people that are so packed full of potential and giftedness that as long as they fully embrace it, who knows what the Lord will do.

When I look at Nils I see the same faith and devotion and drive and passion that Noah had to build an ark, that Abraham had to offer up Isaac, Moses had to part the Red Sea, that Joshua had to lead the people to the Promised Land, that David had to be King, that Josiah had to make every attempt to lead the people of Israel back to the Lord, that Paul had to turn to a calling that didn’t quite make sense, … that Luther had to nail the 95 Theses … that Jim Elliot had to give his life to a group who’d never heard of Jesus, that Billy Graham had to start a gospel revolution, that Louie Giglio had to ignite Passion in college students.
I believe that in 50 years we’ll see that God will use Nils in great ways like he used these men that came before him.

I’m not saying that there are great and small ways to be used by God. But I think we can all acknowledge that every generation has that person that changed things forever for all Christianity. I believe that Nils will be one of those people.

If you know him at all you are nodding your head in agreement and remember how he shaped your life forever.

And if you don’t, you can get to know him more at: http://www.nilssmith.com/.