Ike v. The Kisers

This is long over due, but worth posting late.

So when Ike hit we were long gone on family vacation to...

No not Italy... VEGAS BABY! We (Chris, myself and Jason- Chris' twin bro) flew up there to surprise his step dad for his birthday! His mom had already planned a trip for them and their friends and asked us to join them for the weekend to surprise Larry. It was so much fun! I am so thankful that I have in-laws that I love so much and look forward to holidays and vacations!

This was a live statue that you could walk up to the stage and she'd change positions every couple of minutes. I don't know how she stands still that long!

The Blue Man group was a blast! Definitely worth seeing at least once. We also saw Mama Mia while we were there. So fun!

The food of course was absolutely incredible! This was the fanciest tomato, mozzarella and basil salad I have ever had. Some how I was in buffet city and managed to come home the same weight!

Bellagio fountains!

So... here's what happened... Due to Hurricane Ike, our flight home was CANCELLED!!!!

We were supposed to come home Sunday night and they said the earliest we could get back was Tuesday night. So Chris and I decided that we don't really love Vegas and we'd rather make a road trip out of it, so we rented a car and hit the road!! :)

Chris being silly -- statue by the Hoover Dam!!!

It is way higher than I had thought.

We were in two places at once. :)

Second Pit stop: The Grand Canyon!!! Unfortunately pictures just don't due it any justice!

This picture cracked me up. Seriously?

You don't see that every day!

I love this kind of grass-- super long and soft. One day I am going to plant this in Houston and hire some one to keep it alive. There is something so good for the soul to walk around barefoot in soft grass! :)

What is weird about this next picture is that as we were approaching there were flashing signs that said "controlled fire"... umm, mr. fireman, it doesn't look like it to me.

Does it get any better than a giant Fred Flinstone?! Yabba-dabba-doo!!!

An hour and a half into day two we realized that the parking break was up. Oops!

The giant cacti everywhere looks so weird.

Finally home... sort of. We still had 13 hours to go (half of our trip). But it was good to be back in Texas.

One of the best things about East Texas is the speed limit...

Except, every 30 miles there were these signs urging us not to go back to Houston.

So we thought about what to do...

And decided to make a pit stop in San Antonio for a couple of days to hang out with my brother and katie (his wife).

We finally made it home a couple of days later and didn't have electricity for a couple of days. We camped out at my aunts for a night and the odoms for a couple of nights. Then our power came back!!!! And my best friend Paula came and camped out with us for a week! So fun!!

So in the battle of Ike v. The Kisers... we totally won! :)