I'm a Phony Abolitionist

I knew this day was coming, it does every year. The year we join in on the End It Movement to shine a light on the 27 million slaves. Each year I put the red X on my hand, each year I put an X on my girls hands, each year I take a pic and post it to social media.

Each year I feel like a phony. 

I'm doing NOTHING for human trafficking throughout the year. Nothing. Occasionally I inform others about it. Occasionally my girls see an X and say, "Hey! No more slaves!" Then the giggle, proud they remembered.

And I ache because I had forgotten. 

I hesitated to share with my kids at all today because I don't want to be a hypocrite.

I know people who are actually fighting this. Not just re-sharing cute images on social media but are a part of sting operations freeing hundreds from slavery. Running businesses that are providing fair wages for women all over the world. 

I made cinnamon toast this morning and barely made it out the door to get my kids to school on time. Not exactly abolitionist pre-requisites. 

As I wallowed,  I I thought about Rosa Parks' neighbor, Martin Luther King's grandmother, and Abraham Lincoln's mom. I'm not actually sure those people did anything, but I thought that there was someone who showed them the injustice in their world. There was someone, likely someones, who drip by drip watered the seed to fight injustice.

So when Ms. Parks sat in a seat she rightly deserved, she heard the cries of those weeping over her dinner table of wanting a right place and that one day they hoped to have it. 

When Dr. King shared his dream and walked the walks, it was with the backing of many who told him that his voice could make a difference if he used it. 

When President Lincoln was a boy and faced trial after trial, it instilled within him a desire to see equality for all, opportunity for all, and regardless of the great opposition and sacrifices it took, he fought hard for that in America. 

So I got up and I grabbed that red marker again.

Maybe my job today is to drip on the seeds to fight injustice for my girls.

Maybe today my part is educating myself more.

Maybe today my part is sharing this with you. 

As Karis and I were talking about what slaves are and how many 27 million are, she nonchalantly responded: 

"Oh good! There's a lot more than 27 million people in the world who can help them!"

Here I am feeling like a phony that I'm doing nothing and Karis points out the obvious. 

There are 7.4 billion (that's a B) people in the world (source: WorldoMeters). If my math is correct, and that might be questionable, if 1 in every 274 people, do SOMETHING to save ONE then there will be NO MORE SLAVES. If 1 in ever 274 people in the world have courage to fight, in their own way, we can end this whole thing. 

The 27 million number is daunting. Overwhelming, right? 

You don't have have to rescue every single slave. How about 274 of use rescue just 1? Then another 274 people rescue another. That's how we end this whole thing. 

Go to enditmovement.com/coalition and find a group that you can partner with, using your unique gift and voice and time and resources.

Do something this year. 

Maybe the first step is just to click on those links. Follow all of them on social media. This sounds silly, like it's nothing, but it's choosing to put the work in front of you on a regular basis. 

So this year, my first step in being a real abolitionist is following each of these groups on social media. This year I'm going to let my eyes see and ears hear, and I'm going to pray that I would no longer be silent because I am no longer ignorant. 

Let's be part of the solution. Let's be the 1 in every 274. Let's not just decrease the 27 million number, let's eradicate it altogether.