I'm back!

Things have been C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! Day Camp is 4 days away and I have literally been working like a mad woman. Praise God that I was way ahead of schedule with things because I wouldn’t have had time for anything as we have gotten so close. My phone literally rings every 2-5 minutes (I promise I’m not exaggerating). I get at least 100 emails a day. I have had over 7 counselors quit in the past 3 weeks and had to do last minute hires. Our new registration system came in 2 months late and ended up not working. So now Chris (genius that he is) is building us a whole new registration program (pray that it is finished this weekend). And the list goes on and on.

As crazy as it has been it has been SO FUN! For the past 5 years of being a “grown up,” I have longed to have a job that felt like there was purpose behind it. Don’t get me wrong I know that God had me in public relations and then as an admin for a reason, but I so longed to do more hands on ministry. Since the counselors have come into the picture Day Camp has a face to it now. I am SO EXCITED to be around them.

Please be praying for several things:
*That my time with the Lord would be consistent through this. Some days have been so busy I’ve put it on the back burner. That it would be refreshing.
*That Chris and I would have good time together. I have been so tired he has to be feeling some what neglected.
*That the counselors would really have an incredible experience serving the Lord this summer, that their relationship with him would grow like never before.
*For the kids—that they would come to really know God this summer, that they would have fun and be safe.
*Budget – things are very tight this year, pray that God would multiply funds as needed.
*Me… attacks from satan have been HEAVY the past few weeks. Every day there has been drama or an issue or something that has tried to pull me down. Pray that I wouldn’t get burned out and discouraged.

I’ve missed y’all. Don’t give up on me. Day Camp starts Monday, so I should be some what back to normal after that.