I'm so angry!

Not really, but it did make you want to read on didn't it?

But this Sunday I am teaching on Anger. Your typical nice, easy going Sunday School lesson. :)

Amy Kuntz and I co-teach a women's Sunday Bible study, Oxygen, and we are journeying through Colossians 3. This week happens to be on anger and my turn to teach.

This can be such a confusing topic for us as humans, but especially as Christians... at least for this Christian. I know I struggle with it all the time.

I know the Bible says "be angry and do not sin" (eph 4:26). But what does that look like? And what do you do when you really feel anger?

I need your help!

Please comment and answer some questions.
*If you don't feel comfortable commenting, either comment anonymously or email me at beckyjkiser@gmail.com.

-What makes you angry?
-How do you deal with your anger?
-How do you interpret "be angry and do not sin"?
-Anything else you'd like to share?

When you comment please include your gender, age and religious affiliation (Christian, Muslim, Atheist, etc.) if you wouldn't mind. And yes I said "when"... I know for a fact there are more than 3 people that read my blog. Come out of hiding today dear friends, I need you. :)