In Sickness & In Health

This might be too much information... so don't say I didn't warn you.

I just feel like I need to give my husband some public affirmation because he really went above and beyond this morning.

For the first time since I've been blessed (mean it) with morning sickness I didn't make it to the toilet. Gross. No, not just gross... absolutely disgusting. After I was, ahem, done, my man sent me straight to the couch and is still disinfecting our entire bathroom.

I know this isn't how you imagined we'd spend our Valentine's Day pumk, but I've never felt so loved. You have surpassed every expectation I ever had of marriage. I am so thankful to be your wife, your valentine. I love that you don't go crazy on this holiday, because you truly romance me all the time. I love you so much.

Single ladies, wait for a man like this. One who doesn't run when you are literally at your very worst, most unattractive moment. Instead he chooses to serve you.