Instead of wasteful noise

Last fall Chris and I read a book that did a real number on our lives. You can read a little more about that here.

I've shared about some of the changes it has made in our lives. It is a huge reason why next Thursday we are moving into an apartment complex instead of our original plan of Cinco Ranch (our coveted, master-planned family community in Katy, TX).

But one thing it did in our lives I wasn't sure if I'd ever share on the blog.

Why? Well mostly because I didn't want you to think I had totally lost my mind. Or was going to become one of those people. You know the people I'm talking about. So before you keep reading, know I haven't turned crazy on you. My hair will still be mid-back, not all the way to the floor. I will never wear culottes.... you get the point.

At the end of the Radical it asks you to give up one thing for an entire year. One thing that you would really feel the sacrifice. Chris and I thought and prayed about it for a while. We didn't want do something just to do it. We didn't want to do something that wouldn't change us. So we came up with TV. We decided not to be super legalistic with it and keep it to just TV at our house. If we are at someone else's house, it is fine. And movies are totally OK (within reason).

What's funny is we really didn't even think we watched that much TV. We both love being together and talk a lot. We both really love reading and did that plenty. So we didn't even think that the TV would be that hard to give up, but we still felt like it was what we were supposed to give up.

I had no idea how hard it would be.

I had no idea how hard it would make this past year.

I, also, had no idea how great it would make this past year.

Each of those three sentences really should be a post in and of themselves. And with time maybe they will be.

But for now, the reason why I wanted to write this post was to give you a tip I learned during this year of no TV. For me, I found that I just had it on as background noise. I am a people person and have found that the hardest part of staying home with Karis is staying home. Yes we get out often, typically daily. But I really enjoyed working. I even really enjoyed meetings. So I found that I had the TV on just to have other people in the room. Silly? Maybe.

My tip for you today is this: Instead of watching TV or whatever it is that is wasteful noise for you, choose something else. Not for life. Maybe just once a week. Maybe once a day. You'll find a groove for you. This isn't legalism, this is just growth.

What do I choose? Podcasts. Chores have become no big deal because of these. Grocery store trips are even fun. Ironing clothes not as big of a deal. Two of my favorites that I hardly miss a week are Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll.

And can I especially recommend Matt Chandler's sermon, "The Mission of the Church" (Aug 21, 2011). Just finished listening to it. So convicted personally. All about what the church and people in the church should look like. He really debunked some of our misconceptions about church.

What about you? Do you listen to podcasts? Who would you recommend?