My husband's blog:

Chris will still continue to post on this blog from time to time like he's done in the past. However, his blog serves as an outlet for him more than for others to keep up with him. He is a beautiful writer and the most analytical person I have ever met. So if you are ever in the mood for some "deep thoughts" go visit him. And leave my hubs some comments too so he knows you came to visit! Happy reading!

If you want to check out his old blog it is:
This is the blog where he first caught my attention:

For those of you that thought I was about to post a picture of an ultrasound picture, shame on you! I keep forgetting that every time I tell someone, "Hey guess what?" or "Call me back I need to tell you something," they automatically assume we're pregnant. Note: In case that wasn't clear, we are not pregnant (sorry mom and Tammy... and everyone else that has their fingers crossed and knees bruised from praying).

Happy Tuesday everyone! (P.S. Did anyone else feel like yesterday day was Thursday? I did all day long... this is going to be one long week.) :)