Introducing the next Francine Rivers...

Curious who this could be?

It is none other than the beautiful, talented, godly and incredible gifted: Hannah Stovall (our adopted little sis and Karis' Aunt).

Today is Hannah's 21st Birthday!!!

Y'all need to watch out for Hannah! She graduates in December and is pursuing a calling to write. She is incredibly talented and years from now, I know you will treasure her words in the same way you have treasure books like Redeeming Love and the Mark of the Lion series. I'm not just saying that either. I don't joke about Francine Rivers. In ten years you will say to me: "Becky you were so right!" Just know I will tell you: "I told you so."

I met Hannah three years ago and there was this natural connection with her. If you know her at all you know that she has this disgusting (in a good way) ability to do anything perfectly. She's one of those people that if you didn't love her so much you'd wish you could hate her. You know the type. She is so genuine. She is hard working. She is so in love with Jesus (in a real way, not a brainwashed way). She wants to live a life of meaning. She is incredibly teachable. She is a better friend that most. And (one of our favorite little things) she loves our baby girl almost as much as we do (I seriously just started crying typing those words because it's so true).

We love you Hannah and are so thrilled that you are a part of our little family! Hope you have an incredible birthday!!