Introducing: Sacred Holidays

I've had this dream to launch this for quite sometime and this year I finally felt the Lord say, "Go. It's time." And now I feel like I've been pregnant with this forever and today is the gender reveal! {Stay tuned for delivery day!}

I'm so thrilled to introduce you all to Sacred Holidays!!!

You know how when people announce they're pregnant and they post that weird ultrasound pic and then make it their profile pic and all that. And you are happy for them but really it's just a grainy black and white tadpole looking picture. That's kind of how I feel today. I'm about to show you that pic that really shows you nothing and tells you nothing but for me it represents this new thing that is about to become a very big part of my life. Something I've prayed about and hoped for for so long. It's here. And I'm so giddy to share it with you.

Here's the first picture of my baby:

So what is Sacred Holidays?

ALL holidays are crazy times. But they are inevitable. You can't avoid them. And what happens for most is we get consumed by them-- in some really great ways and in some not so great ways.

The worst part of it all is we end up missing Jesus. These guides are all about helping you focus on Him. They are short and sweet (just 1 page a day). But hopefully, thought provoking, challenging and will really stir your desire to live for Jesus through all seasons of your life.

Wait, is it Sacred Holidays or Sacred Christmas?

Don't worry super Christian I'm not not saying Christmas. Wink. Keep reading.

It's both. Sacred Holidays is the organization and the hope is that we will launch guides/devotionals/whatever you fancy to call those things for each holiday. The first one is Sacred Christmas (an advent guide). After that we will begin working on Sacred Easter (a lent guide). And in time there might be even more: Sacred Thanksgiving, Sacred New Year, Sacred Valentines, etc.

Who is this for? Just women or can men do it too?

This is for anyone. Clearly when I write I envision women. I'm talking to my girlfriends. That being said these studies aren't women specific, nor do I call my readers "girlfriend." So men, we hope you use this and find it helpful too. Who knows... maybe one day we will have a men's edition too.

Is there something for families or is this just for individuals?

This study is intended for individual use.

But.... there might be a really exciting announcement for families coming soon! So be sure to follow to see...

How do I stay in touch/follow along?

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How do I order?

We will be posting links and details for that soon. So like I said, follow and you'll be in the loop.

Is this a for profit or a non-profit organization?

Sacred Holidays will not be registered as a non-profit because turns out that's a lot of hassle and even more money. But I can assure you I am not getting rich off this. If you have questions about the breakdown of finances I am more than happy to share that, just ask.

I can also share that our heart is to give much away of both the product and the profit! Stay tuned for REALLY exciting news about this!

How can I help?

Pray. I know that's the most politically correct Christian thing to say, but I really and truly mean it. This cannot and will not happen without it. In my own efforts I could never pull this off. Pray for the writing, the writers, those that will go through it, those that need to hear about it... and whatever the Spirit leads you to pray.

Share. As I shared before this is so grass roots and I'm doing this with zero budget. Please share this with your friends and family. Please share this with your churches. Please share this. So grateful!!

OK, now I better get back to writing so there is actually a completed advent guide! Ha!