Is it enough for you?

Have you ever felt like what you have isn't enough?

That maybe if just one more thing would come through then you would finally be happy. Be full.
Maybe it's a job.
Maybe it's a spouse... or even just a date.
Maybe it's a house to sell or a house to buy.
Maybe it's for your finances to stabilize. Debt to diminish. Savings to grow.
Maybe it's for a diagnosis to come back different this time.
Maybe it's for those extra pounds to melt off... and stay off this time.
Maybe it's for a community... or even just one friend. 

What's your thing?

Yesterday my No Other God's study had me in Numbers 11. It was talking about the Israelites complaining again that their life wasn't good enough. Truly I've stopped judging them when they do this because I've realized I relate far too much. This time it was that they were hungry and so sick of eating just bread. They were dwelling on thoughts of the leeks and the garlic that they had back in Egypt. Sounds gross if you ask me, but to each his own.

And I read something I had written in my margin a while back:

"The Lord's prayer says 'give us this day our daily bread,' 
but the Israelites were never satisfied with God's method of provision. Are you?" 

And those four words really convicted me: God's method of provision. 

Because isn't that what really urks me? It's His method of provision, not that He isn't providing.

I've shared here many times that we have our house for sale. That we have been waiting for it to sell for 10 months now. And I've been so frustrated. So bitter. So restless. So anxious. So curious. But most of all, so impatient.

And this past week Chris and I were given two huge gifts of provision. Literally blindside by one and the other overwhelmed by it actually happening (no we are not pregnant).

And after reading this and remembering how abundantly He has provided for us.
And that He hasn't forgotten about us. He has reminded us of that abundantly.
That He will provide for our house... one way or another.

So today I cling to Matthew 7:11:

"If then, you who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!"
So what about you? What good things have you seen the Father do in your life lately? It may not be THAT thing you've been wanting or looking for. But what else has He done to show you He is faithful to provide... in His ways and time (Isaiah 55:8-9).