Is She Still Breathing?

Does there come a day in parenting when your child sleeps for longer than an hour during the day, that you don't think: "I wonder if they are still breathing?"

And then have a debate in your head that goes like this:

Self 1: It's been more than an hour since she went down.
Self 2: Pretty amazing!
Self 1: Yes, but I hope she's OK.
Self 2: She's fine!
Self 1: What if she stopped breathing. SIDS is no joke.
Self 2: She's breathing fine. It's you that needs to take a deep breath.
Self 1: Maybe I should just go check on her.
Self 2: Relax. Enjoy this time today. It may not stay a routine.
Self 1: Really? OK, I'll stay put/get things done.

And then if she's still asleep 30 minutes later, the conversation repeats itself.

Two major problems I see:
1. I have started talking to myself.
2. I might have multiple personalities.