Is the World Wide Web the Internet?

Today my mom was sharing a HILARIOUS story about my step dad, Glenn.

First you should know that Glenn is the manliest man I know. Like he can do anything with his hands. And speaking of his hands they are the most ginormous hands I've ever seen (like twice as big as your face). On top of all that he is fearless. It is a miracle that he is still alive. My mom and him live in the middle of no where in Missouri on acres and acres of land. He is so in his element there. He has a sign that he made that is in front of his property that says: "Entering Miller Law Now." He means it. If you try to pull on their road he isn't afraid to pull his gun on you (I say this with confidence because he has definitely done this before).

Now that you know all that about Glenn, you should know that as manly as he is he is not really... how do I say this?... up to date on other things.

For example I will share the story now:

So this past year he got his very first cell phone. The reason for that is only because it was only this past year that they could even get reception at their place (that's how far in the country it is).

Well when the first bill came in my mom noticed that it was $400. She called the phone company to clear it up. They said that she did in fact owe $400 due to the internet usage on her husband's phone. She died laughing because Glenn had never been on the internet before. I'm not even kidding. The conversation with the guy was going no where.

Later that day my mom asked Glenn if he had used the internet on his phone. He laughed because he too knew that he had never been on the internet.

After much more probing he finally said: "So is the World Wide Web the same thing as the internet?"

Yes Glenn. It is.