Isn’t bad luck really good luck?

So… this has been one of those weeks where EVERYTHING wedding related has gone wrong.

To save money (and by save we are talking hundreds of dollars) we are making the wedding invitations ourselves. This is still a decision I don’t regret. By doing this we are having really unique invitations that are completely us. Love it!

However… you have to print them and put them together. If anything could have gone wrong last week, it did! First, we were going to print them at my stepmoms work (which was approved) but then they said they needed two weeks to get the job done. Not an option because they were supposed to go out on October 6th. So, I called Kinkos and they said they could do it and have it ready in 24 hours. So, on Wednesday after work I drop everything off at Kinkos.

First thing that goes wrong they tell me that copies are 7 cents, but if I want it on cardstock it will be 28 cents (of course they forgot to mention that on the phone). So I drive over to Office Max and buy some cardstock. Problem solved, it was still 7 cents. They assured me everything would be ready by 5pm the next day.

Well, at 4:30pm the next day I receive a call from Kinkos..

Kinkos: Ms. Smith, I’m afraid we aren’t going to be able to do your print job after all.
Me: What??!!! I am on my way to pick it up now. Why am I just getting a call?
Kinkos: Well, the vellum paper is jamming our printers and I found out it is a company policy to not print on vellum. Also, your cardstock is making the RSVP and Reception cards smear. So I don’t think this is going to work.
Me: (again) What??!! Well, you had assured me this would be ready by 5pm. These are my wedding invitations and they have to go out tomorrow! I will be there in 30 minutes and I need you to have a solution for me when I get there.

(Sidenote: All this was done with the love of Jesus… just more the turning over the tables in the temple love, not healing the blind love)

So, I get there and that poor manager was as nice as he could be. He told me he didn’t care about the company policy; he was going to print it all any way. The cardstock wasn't bad at all. If you compare it to the original you can tell a difference, but no one else will be able to (and if you do, just don’t tell me you can tell). He said give me and hour and it will all be done.

Then, I get home and try out the ribbon I had bought… wrong size and wrong color!! I’m a mess! So, I head to Hobby Lobby and I’m just hoping we will find the perfect ribbon. You should know I have already been to Hobby Lobby twice, Arnes, Michaels and a few fabric stores and had no luck! I get to Hobby Lobby and they are having a 50% off ribbon sale! The Lord’s favor!! I couldn’t make a decision so my fabulous fiancé came and helped me pick out the perfect ribbon (what a man!).

He sent me home to relax and said he’d go pick up the stuff at Kinkos. Like any good wife to be I had dinner waiting on the table when he got home. After we ate we open up the Kinko’s boxes and start laying things out. It didn’t take long until we realized they had printed double the RSVP cards and only half of the reception cards. Poor Chris had to go back to Kinkos while they reprinted and cut everything. He got back to the house at 10:30.

Needless to say that we still have A LOT to do on those invitations… and yes our deadline was last Friday. Erin and Paula surprised me over the weekend and did a lot of work on them for us!! So, hopefully our invitations will be done tonight and out tomorrow.

Then I’m sure nothing else will go wrong for the rest of wedding planning. But if it does, isn’t that really considered good luck?