It happened... too soon I might add

Y'all I had the most shocking thing happen to me this morning when I was getting ready for church.

I almost cried. I still might cry.

I was scrunching my hair and pulling my bangs back, when I noticed it.
Do you see it?

A grey hair. Here is a black and white contrast picture so you can really see.

How is it possible?

I screamed. Made Chris come in there and make sure it wasn't just a really blonde hair.
It wasn't. He thought it was hilarious and pointed out a second one.

How can I already be getting grey hair? I feel like I just graduated college a couple years ago. 

This day will forever be marked in my days of traumatic events.

What about you? What's something traumatic that happened to you that was funny-but-not-so-funny? I'll share another story in the comments.