It starts tomorrow

I can hardly believe it is here.
Tomorrow the summer Bible study I'm leading at Houston's First starts!

No Other Gods 
Tuesdays, Jun 14 – Aug 16 
@ 9:30-11:30 am - Rm 249
Tired of just putting a band-aid on the things in life that seem to pull you down? Together we can face head on the things that distract us from our purpose. No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern Day Idol, by Kelly Minter, teaches us that modern day idols offer temporary relief - promising what they can never deliver. Join us as Becky Kiser leads us on a journey through this book study and grow into who you were meant to be. Sessions will include large and small group discussions. 
Childcare is available by registration (email Jenny Folger).
Click HERE to order the member book version of No Other Gods.

Please help spread the word about it to any of your friends or family that might be able to attend something that meets during the day. 

Whether you are able to attend or not, I'm asking for your prayers tomorrow...

For the women that need to be there... That they would make it a priority. That they would be able to get childcare worked out if needed. That they would wake up when they are supposed to. That they would feel called to come. That already the Lord would prepare their heart for tomorrow's lesson, discussion and the study in the weeks to come. That their eyes would be opened to modern day idols. That they would truly be changed.

For me as I lead this... I really want to step aside and follow the Lord's leading in this. My doer personality fights to be patient and wait, I want that to be different. I want to know what to say and what not to say when teaching. I desire that I don't compare and implement what has been done in the past out of insecurity and also not not do things out of pride. I want to be relate-able, genuine, encouraging and challenging.

For our small groups-- that the Lord would show all of us what that time should look like. That women would drop the walls quickly and be vulnerable. That the Lord would rise up leaders among the tables. That we would get into things deep right away. That women who are new or alone would feel connected quickly.

For consistency... as much as possible. The struggle with a summer study is sticking with it. The struggle with any study is sticking with it if we are honest. So pray consistency and commitment over all of us that feel called to do this for the summer. That we would give ourselves grace when we have to miss meetings or get delayed on homework. But that we would also make this a priority both the homework and the meetings.

Thanks so much for your support!
I hope to see some of your faces tomorrow.
If not, I so encourage you to do this study on your own. It is really really really good.