It's a GIRL!

We were totally shocked when the radiologist showed us that Baby K #2 is a girl! For some reason we were all expecting boy. But the doctor said, "She is all girl." Meaning undeniably this baby is a girl. 

And her name is....
Moriah Pearl Kiser
And the story behind her name is...
(Sounds like: More-rye-uh)
Meaning: The Lord is my Teacher
I have loved this name since I was 19 years old. The first time I read through the Bible I noticed it in Genesis 22:2, "Then God said, 'Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there..." Further on God provided an alternative sacrifice. Anyway, this stood out to me because I'd always wanted to be a mom, but with my health issues wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to carry my own children (much like Abraham and Sarah). The name fit so well with my story to be able to lay this dream out before the Lord and see how He would provide. 
Once we got pregnant it fit so well with this baby's story too. With all the heavy bleeding at the beginning of this pregnancy and having to be put on limited activity due to threatened miscarriage, we feel like God rescued her life. So Moriah it is. 
And yes, we know that we will all constantly have to say, "It's Moriah with an 'O' not 'A' like 'Mariah Carey.'" But as a sweet friend pointed out to me, people these days assume you will spell or sound names differently, so we don't expect it to be as hard on her as she gets older. 
Meaning: Pearl (shocker, huh?)

Chris and I love the middle name to give honor to someone that's influenced us and/or someone we hope this little one will be like in some way. 
My great grandmother's name was Pearlie (we dropped the "ie" because it sounded too much like a nickname for a middle name), but my brother and I called her Great. Few people get to have the opportunity to know their grandmothers, much less be close to them. Traits I hope my sweet girl inherits from her namesake are: humor (oh could Great laugh and make you laugh), a way with words (she happened to be a poet), perseverance (she found herself a widow with four young children), and grounded in faith (she was the first person, I believe, to really share Jesus with me). 
To read a blog post I've written on my Great, Pearl, you can click here. And below was a picture the Houston Chronicle posted of us. Great had moved in with my Dad when my parents divorced when I was an infant and cared for me and my brother during the days and on the weekends we were with Dad. This day she was rocking me on the front porch and a photographer just happened to be driving by and asked if we'd mind our picture in the paper. 
How's Moriah? According to the radiologist: "Everything looks totally normal and healthy!" She is growing and according to BabyCenter is the size of a sweet potato this week. She has been giving me little taps 1 or 2 times a day for the past month and this week I started feeling her kick about 20 or so times a day! My favorite part of pregnancy is feeling all the movements. I've been hoping for this kid to be a little more like Chris, i.e. laid back. And from all the ultrasounds we've had this baby appears to be that way. I have to move all around for them to get the baby to do anything during ultrasounds. I love Karis' tenacious and vivacious personality though, so I will be totally fine if we have a repeat (just really exhausted). 

How's the pregnancy? Going pretty good! I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow (which means I'm a week away from the half way mark)! It is unbelievable how fast the second pregnancy flies by. I've been very sick and it is finally starting to pass. I'm getting bigger every day and loving the big full preggy belly. However, I am still waiting for that second trimester energy boost to kick in, it's 7 weeks late. I'm wondering if that just doesn't come when you have a very active toddler on your hands.