It's time for some pictures!

It's been a while since I posted pictures. I know the Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles... and all you blog family are dying to see some updates of our sweet girl.

Well this picture definitely expresses 2 1/2 weeks of our life last month. Thankfully the past 1 1/2 weeks have been completely different. We aren't sure exactly what was going on for those few weeks. More than likely a combination of my milk supply issues, traveling, growth spurt and (possibly) teething (I know every mom says that when you don't know what it could be).

But like I said earlier, OUR HAPPY BABY IS BACK!

I have a HUGE APPRECIATION for moms that have had to deal with fussy babies (colic, acid reflux, etc.). I was near losing my mind and it was only a few days. So if you've been there, way to go! You survived and should be so proud of yourself (and your hubs needs to send you to the spa). It made it extra hard that this is my busy season-- lots of speaking and events I'm coordination/leading/doing. It forced me to rely on Him in ways I might not have, instead of relying on my abilities. And of course, it's never gone better. He knew just what I needed.

Back to our little 'pud...

She absolutely LOVES the Christmas tree and stares at it all day long.

We went to my Mamaw and Papaw's house for Thanksgiving. We had such a good time bonding with family. (That's a family joke. I always try to get our family to do things that make us bond instead of gather around the TV... and of course I get made fun of for it. This year we played charades. I did a great impersonation of Just Bieber.)

This is me and my Mamaw. I helped her peel potatoes so she let me borrow her apron. The family is constantly trying to get me back to my Methodist roots. ;)

Our little family on Thanksgiving. These two are the things I am most thankful for this year. Not just saying it cause I should. I mean it to the core of my being.

I kiss her like this a million times a day. Her cheeks are perfectly squishy.

Her Daddy loves the way her face mooshes up when he kisses her. I feel certain when we enter the pre-teen years she will do this face again, but out of embarrassment. Unfortunately for her, both her mom and dad could care less what others think and will kiss her for the rest of her life!

No one can make her light up like her Daddy. She is his little girl.

Snuggles with Gigi and GPaw.

Cousin Natalie was my little helper all Thanksgiving. She loved Karis as much as I loved her and her sister, Bethany. I wanted baby cousins so bad when I was their age and now they get the same joy. Natalie is a natural. And her birthday was just two days after Thanksgiving and do you know what she wanted to do? She wanted to come babysit Karis and Emery! So Nils & Katie, Josh & Kelly (Katie's sister and hubs), and Me & Chris all had a date night!

One other thing that should be said-- I nick names my Papaw "Boss Boss" when I was little because he was the boss and work, and well, the boss at home too (he is pretty bossy). Well I quickly was named "Boss Boss Jr." I'm not sure why, I am perfectly compliant to what others want to do. ;) And Natalie has been given a Boss Boss nickname too (I think Baby Boss). And she said that if Karis is like us (and it seems like she might be), then her nick name will be "Bitty Boss."

We love going for walks! Isn't that jacket just too much?! Thank you Leigh (and Lauren) Kohler for letting us borrow it.

More BIG TALK with Papaw. She just loved him. He was so great at getting her to calm down when she'd get fussy.

Mamaw and Papaw gave us a real treat-- our first date night out (not an event to attend or errands to run, but a real date). It was our anniversary and they watched Karis and we went into Gruene. Perfection.

Mamaw has the magic touch on Karis. I wish I could bottle it up and sprinkle it on her when I'm not with her. Such a treat for Karis to be loved on by her Great Grandparents!

She is quite adventurous and loves flying, dropping, bouncing... basically anything but being held like a baby. That is a sure way to get my baby to scream.

I love that when I hold her like this she presses her face so hard against mine. I don't know why she does it, but she does it every time.

My girl is all smiles! What a different baby that the first picture, huh?!

Tummy Time is something we do after every feeding. She is getting better and better at it. She has also gotten comfortable with it. Meaning she has no problem just laying her head down and sucking on her hands. I try with all my might to get her to lift up her head-- its embarrassing the things I'll do.

BUT GUESS WHAT??? She rolled over TWICE the other day while doing tummy time. It was the perfect moment. Chris and I were both there to watch it too. So proud of her!