It's Time

Do you ever wonder when your time will come? You are waiting for everything to line up perfectly. You are waiting for your opportunity. Only it doesn't seem to come. 

Maybe it's time. Maybe today, right now, it's time. 

6 years ago I retired. That sounds funny to say because I was all of 27. Chris and I had worked hard on the Dave Ramsey steps that would allow me to leave my 9-5 job so that I could pursue the call we felt God had given me to do ministry full time. Over a course of a year the Lord had brought Genesis 12:1 up so many times that we couldn't deny it's calling. 

In Genesis 12:1 God calls Abram (aka Abraham) to go to the land that He would show him. It was such a call of faith. No clear direction. No map. No assurance. Just go. And he went! After being faced with that verse time and time again, we knew it was my time to go too. 

I remember those first few days of "going" 6 years ago, it was busy: website was getting done, I was speaking at a large college girls event and teaching at the prison that weekend. Everything seemed to be falling into place. The "going" was going good!

After that week things started to distract me and I stopped (or even retreated). I got pregnant (sick as a dog the entire time), we moved, our marriage struggled, we moved again, we switched churches, I got pregnant again (was on bedrest majority of the pregnancy with threatened miscarriage then pre-term labor), I had undiagnosed postpartum depression, we moved again, I got pregnant again (sick as a dog until the day I delivered), we moved again, and we switched churches.

Each of those things were sweet and hard, each a gift in their own way. The problem is that I allowed them to become obstacles for me. I allowed them to be my, very understandable, "not now." I hid behind them knowing no one would blame me. 

As Christians we like to hide behind the promise of peace, or our misperceived idea of it. 

So when we make our pro/con list we often decide not to move forward with something because of the chaos or drama that could ensue because of that choice. We think that if Jesus is in something then it would work out smoothly. That is a lie...sort of.

Things will work out. Romans 8:28 tells us that if you love God things will all work out. We have that promise. They will work out. The final outcome is promised to be good and just as it should be, but the process isn't promised to be easy. 

I've been doing a study at our church on Caleb entering the promised land. To say it is timely would be a massive understatement. All about the Israelites going into their promised land. 

I'm in the midst of my busy season (for accountants it's the spring, for advent and lent it's the fall) for Sacred Holidays plus I have a baby (who is adorable but isn't quite sleep trained yet)... plus 2 very intense big sisters (who don't mesh well with daylight savings)... plus a husband (who I adore and would be an insane person without him)... plus a house to keep up with (ugh, laundry and meal planning)... plus a new community and church to connect with... plus all the ups and downs, busy and mundane of days. I've been feeling overwhelmed. My email and voicemail is always backed up. I feel like I'm constantly cancelling or rescheduling things. My To Do list is ever growing.

But God. 

Just this morning I was journaling and I thought of Jesus sitting next to the Father interceding for me. There are a billion more important things going on in the world, and He is on that too, but He still intercedes for me. The Father, who knows every hair on my head, knows what He has called me to and how it will go. He knows He's got it. He isn't overwhelmed. 

As I read Joshua 3 this morning I found myself filled with hope  and I knew I needed to share with you all.

God was calling His people to step into the water to get to where He was leading. Doesn't sound too peaceful or logical. Usually the Jordan river is about 100ft wide but our teacher, Deb Alexander, writes that during this time of year the Jordan goes over it's banks and stretches a mile wide. What? And they were being asked to cross it?! Insanity. The crazy part is the water didn't part until they stepped into it. They didn't have certainty how this would go until they stepped in the water and watched God do His miracle work. God simply said to go and they stepped. They stepped into a river that was a mile wide. It took a step of faith to push back that river. 

So today, maybe every obstacle is telling you it's not time. Maybe you don't have the money or the time or the support or the following or the confidence or whatever it is that holds you back. Justifiable reasons to not move forward. No one would recommend walking into a river a mile wide to get to the other side. 

But God.

He calls us to do the unexpected. His way hardly ever makes sense (Isaiah 55:8-9). Ask Him to give you fresh faith and courage today to step into the river before you.