I've been SUMMONED!!!!!

I don’t know why but my whole life I’ve looked forward to jury duty. I know most adults dread the day they get that piece of paper in the mail. But when Chris handed me my mail yesterday, I screamed for joy because…

On November 3, 2008 I will be Juror #2019-03!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That week I am so going to feel like a citizen of the United States of America. November 3rd I have the honor of jury duty. November 4th vote for President! Wow! I might need a vacation day on November 5th. :)

I think I might try to TIVO some Law & Order episodes just so I can make sure I have jury duties down.

What do I need to do to get selected? I want to be a juror so bad. Give me all the tips you’ve got!! Plus, what should I wear to jury duty?