Jude, of all things

No this isn't another April Fools joke saying we are having a boy (by the way, have you forgiven me yet for that joke?).

I joined Precepts Bible study at my church this past spring and for the next 5 weeks we are studying Jude. I honestly was confused when they picked that book-- I mean can you even study a book that short? Jude is always one of the last books on my Bible reading plan, so by the time I get to it, I am rushing through it (just being honest). I have never taken the time to sit through it.
Tonight I was working on my homework and it was all about the overview: who wrote it and who it was written to. But this time they threw in a third group: who was attacking the recipients.
Here is a short description for you:
Jude: bond-servant of Christ (this is pretty cool that he said bond-servant because Jude is also thought to be Jesus' brother), and brother of James.
Recipients: called, beloved of God, and kept for Jesus Christ.
But this was the description that got me...

It wasn't that I related most to Jude or the recipients, but I saw much too much of myself in the description of those that were attacking the recipients (referred to as the ungodly).
The Ungodly:
-turn the grace of God into licentiousness
-deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.
-revile things they don't understand
-gone the way of Cain
-hidden reefs
-care for themselves
-finding fault
-following after their own lusts
-speak arrogantly
-flatter people for the sake of gaining an advantage
-follow after own ungodly lusts
-cause divisions
-devoid of Spirit
Reading this has caused me to yearn for Christ in a new way. Knowing that renewal only comes through Him. What a beautiful day to be reminded of that: Easter.
If you are interested read the whole book of Jude HERE (it's only 25 verses).
And/or if you are interested in joining this Precepts class: It is on Tuesdays from 9-12 at Houston's First Baptist Church starting this week!