July Book Club: The Help

I am so excited about reading this book and couldn't think of a better group to read it with.

For some reason, summer time just begs me to read fiction books. Maybe it was my childhood spent reading as many Babysitters Club books as I could get my hands on (anyone else totally obsessed with those books as pre-teen?).

I think this book will be really eye opening for us.
I hope it is really inspiring.
And I have a good feeling that it will be a page turner.

Who can do the Book Club?
Anyone. Whether you've been a part every month, or just heard about it today. Whether you already read this book when it first came out or it's been on your must read list for a while.

Where do I get it? 
You can buy it on Amazon. Order it here for your Kindle. Or check it out at your local library (Do that soon, because there is a wait list at my library, so I'm sure there is at yours as well.).

And guess what is just perfect? The Help Movie comes out this August! So you know that we will be getting whoever does the Book Club in Houston together for a Movie Watching Night Out!

Check out the trailer. It is going to be so much fun!

We will have Roll Call on the 1st!