July Book Club: Roll Call

This month we are reading The Help. (See this post for the announcement.)

I know many of you have already read the book, and you can still participate. 

The rest of us that are trying, literally at the last minute, to read it before the movie comes out, are welcome too.

Our reading schedule: I will post questions every Monday. If you need/want an official schedule, break your book up into 3 sections. I will try to do that as I form the questions each week. As you read be thinking of questions you'd like to discuss.

Now for our Roll Call...

Head over to the comments and leave:
1. Your Name
2. Where you live
3. Why you want to read this book
4. Have you ever had a maid? Any stories there?
5. If you could have a maid come clean just one room in your house, which would it be and why?

See you in the comments my fellow book nerds that I love so!