Juror #18

Well the day finally came: I was serving my county as a juror, juror #18 to be exact.

For those of you that are blog skimmers: I didn't get selected.
For those of you that like a good story, here is what my day looked like:

They said to be there at 8:00am and they'd close the doors by 8:15am. I left my house at 7:00am just to give myself plenty of time to find the building, park, etc. Unfortunately for me, I was in the room by 7:45am. By the way, they lied to me when they said they would close the door at 8:15am. They didn't close them until 8:45am. That means I could have gotten another full hour of sleep. First bummer of the day.

The room, shockingly, was pretty full when I arrived. It is a room full of hundreds of seats. It reminded me of those crowded rooms at Texas A&M that all the freshmen have for their basic classes. Of course all of the aisle seats were full, so I had to literally crawl over people's laps to find an empty middle sit. Awkward.

I settled in eager to see what awaited me as I served my county. :) After 30 minutes of waiting I was already bored and a little annoyed.

The man next to me had to be in his 50s and he was BLASTING some heavy metal music from his ipod. Literally, I kid you not, it was so loud people 5 sits down on both sides kept glaring at him. Note: I HATE screaming music. It is the one form of music I truly can't stand. For some reason the Lord saw it fit for me to sit next to it for 3 hours. I still haven't figured out why.

Then there was the young teacher and random dude behind me. I felt so bad for this girl because this guy was so hitting on her and it was painfully obvious she was not in to him. He was (how can i saw this nicely?) as loser. He was telling her how he goes out and parties all the time. Then asked her where she goes out. She responded, "I don't." Then he told her that he had already skipped out on jury duty once and then they sent him some warning about getting arrested. He almost skipped again this morning, but thought it would be better than going to jail. You think? He was so into her that they kept calling his name over a loud speaker for almost 15 minutes before he realized that his juror group had been called about 30 minutes ago. He was holding the whole thing up while hitting on this girl.

It's 10:00am and I'm still sitting in the same seat. Thankfully I had brought my new Karen Kingsbury book, so I had some distraction. But now I am starting to get hungry. The embarrassing stomach growl started. Nice.

Finally they called my juror number range and we all lined up. This is where it first started. Not a SINGLE person pronounced my name right. Not ONE. How hard is is to pronounce Kiser (keye-zer)? If it was "Kisser" they would have added another "s." I actually don't mind it when people say it wrong. After 25 years of being a Smith, I actually like it. But it cracked me up that not a single person pronounced it right.

They lined us up in no particular order and told me my number was #18. I felt hopeful. I know that juries are usually 12, so I had a pretty good chance of getting selected... until I found out our jury was only going to be 6 people. My odds just went down, but I wasn't totally defeated... yet.

They walked us in a single file line to the court house (two blocks from the jury building). I felt like I was in kindergarten. We walked in the court and the judge saw it fit to give us a 45 minute history lesson on what a jury does. It was informative but by this point, very much lunch time.

There was one thing that kept me laughing (inside of course) the whole time. There was man that looked just like Tim Gunn that worked for the judge! For those of you who don't know who that is, shame on you. Go watch Project Runway and you'll love him! Chris and I laugh so hard every time we watch it.

It is now 1:30pm and we have still not eaten yet. I am officially embarrassed that now the judge can probably hear my stomach roaring.

They asked us many questions. And then they said that the defendant was a Resident Alien. I was so confused, isn't that an oxymoron? So I asked what that meant. Apparently it is someone who came here illegally, but is now becoming legal. I think my facial response lead to the next decision.

I wasn't chosen. She dismissed us at 1:45pm.

As I walked the two blocks back to the parking garage a homeless man on the side of the street started kissing at me. Super awkward and creepy! I started speed walking. Thankfully I made it to the garage. Only to wait in line 15 minutes to pay for parking. Then to find out they don't take credit card. But there was an ATM around the corner (I can't remember the last time I used one of those). I paid and got in my car.

So that was my day on jury duty. Hopefully one day I'll get chosen. :)