Karis the Kitty's First Halloween

This weekend was Karis' very first Halloween experience. I'll let you decide if she had a good time...

Headed to Houston's First First Fest on Saturday. The past two years I organized the whole thing, so I was wondering how it would feel to go and just be a part of the crowd. I loved my job before and so enjoyed planning it. But it sure was nice to just walk around... and leave when it was over and not clean up. They did a fabulous job planning it. Such a fun event our church puts on each year!

I'm mean is she not the most precious little thing you've ever seen?!

This is one of Karis' suitors (is that what you call a man who is pursuing a lady?). Meet Jake Rabe. I would be just fine if the fell in love one day.

Some of my very best girl friends and our daughters. So fun raising our little girls together. Crazy to think that one day they'll all be in the same grade-- they are so different right now. (Pictured from the left: Ally & Laurel, Me & Karis, and Kat & Jemma.)

Daddy and Karis in the "corn field."

There were all these fun activities in the preschool room. We didn't want Karis to feel left out, so we let her play. First the bubble wrap. You can see she is having a blast.

Then we checked out the bouncer. She can hardly contain her joy.

Then we gave swimming a try. Note: picture is blurry because she was falling over and Daddy was catching her. Hopefully by summer time she'll feel different about the pool.

She even tried the hola-hoop. So adventurous my little girl!

After all that excitement it was time to go outside and take a little break. Isn't my family just so adorable? I just love them!

This is Laurel, Karis' BFF. She was a football and her big bro Micah was an Aggie football player. So cute, huh?

Then we ran into another potential suiter of Karis', Mr. CJ Webster. Such a cute little man! They played a really fun game of passing back and forth the crying. He'd start, then she'd start, then he'd stop, then she'd make him start again, then she'd stop... and on it went. What's great is they both have that dramatic pout- bottom lip curled all the way out. So adorable.

We didn't even make it back to the car before she passed out. So sweet.

Then on actual Halloween Day, we went to visit my old high school friend Mario. Him and his wife just had twins-- Brooklyn (right) and London (left). It has been Chris' dream to hold two babies at the same time forever. He so wants twins one day. Aren't they so sweet? They are just a few weeks younger than Karis so I know we will have lots of play dates in the future.

Then we headed over to the Skaggs' for some trick-or-treating fun (and of course some World Series watching). Chris and I so badly would love to move to Katy, particularly Cinco Ranch. We joke that every time we visit them the weather is always perfect and something "Leave It to Beaver" like happens. Seriously it's like we enter the Truman Show every time we come over.

Y'all their neighborhood has a Halloween Parade. Are you kidding me? A fire truck leads the families through the neighborhood. Karis wasn't to sure about the truck because it was showing off all it's noises. She was grasping on the Chris' sweater for dear life.

I wasn't joking about the parade. Every family was in it. It was at least a block long.

Ella and Seth on the firetruck. Just as cute as can be.

Karis, yet again, fell asleep before we even got back to the house. Crazy to think that next year she'll be walking up to the doors all by herself.

Ella couldn't have been more excited to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. She stood at the door like this for most of the night just waiting for kids to walk up.

Finally Emily had the great idea to pull up a chair. She was so cute! She'd tell all the kids to grab a handful. They would tell her that this was the best house because everyone else said just take one. She loved that. Then when they left she'd tell them: "Be sure to tell all your friends to come over here!"

And finally, of course the first call on Halloween morning was to my mom. It's her favorite holiday, so she needed to celebrate it with Karis. You know all those moms and grandmas that dress up with the Christmas sweaters, shoes, jewelry, etc. and decorate the house like Santa's Workshop? Well my mom does that but for Halloween. She was a witch every year with the full wardrobe and would cackle around the house starting on October 1st.

Just your average upbringing. ;)

So here is the phone call to Mimi that morning and Karis' reaction to the cackle.

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up?