Karis' First Shopping Spree!

Since we knew we were pregnant I have been planning on taking our baby on it's first shopping spree once we found out the gender. Finding out on Tuesday that our baby was a girl, Karis, I was even more excited to take my daughter on her first shopping spree!

The first outfit was actually bought in Mexico on our cruise. Call it a mother's intuition, but I just felt like just in case we had a girl, I'd want her to have something to wear on Cinco de Mayo. I bought it to fit 12mns, so my niece could wear it this summer if we were having a boy.

The rest are the outfits that we, me and Chris, picked out on Tuesday:

and we liked it so much we got it in a different color for spring too!

And of course this dress has matching bloomers! I just love that.

Because I know this statement will be true... You see my mom and I have a tradition of going on shopping sprees. We do it about once a year. We go crazy! Then we get Cinnabons, come home and lay everything out and enjoy it while we eat our Cinnabon. I will carry this tradition on, but it will have to fit in our Dave Ramsey budget some how. :)

The ruffles are actually on the bottom not the front, I just wanted to show you because they are so cute!

Every little girl needs brown corduroys with pink buttons.

We got all this for a really good deal. I only got a few things at Target, the romper is from The Gap, and everything else is from Macy's. Katie, my sister-in-law, gave me a great heads up about a 40% off sale they were having for babies.

Can you believe in just 4 1/2 months I'll be posting pics of Karis in this outfits?! Crazy!