Karis is a Wild Woman (video)

Yesterday was a really fun day. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Not all days are like this, I so hope I don't ever give you a wrong impression of our days here on this blog. But the days that are so bursting full of joy absolutely must be shared, and honestly make the hard days forgettable.

Last night we were planning on going to the Cardinals v Astros game, but I had a migraine and we are going to the game tonight, so we had a fun splurge night-- we turned our TV on, picked up some hotdogs at Sonic (have you tried the new dogs? umm, yum!) and had a picnic in our living room watching our families favorite, and totally dominating team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Watch and enjoy...

What is so funny that you didn't get to see is literally as soon as I turned the video off, she pushed up to standing and let go for about 5 seconds (her new trick she does a few times a day now) and then flailed herself all the way back onto her back (like a backflop onto our floor) and she thought it was hilarious. Falling back is her new favorite thing to do. Actually being a wild woman is her new favorite thing to do.

Now, if you know us at all (or feel like you do from blog stalking), whose personality do you think she has? I'll put my opinions in the comments too.